Dieter Brehm

Growing a studio

# The Atelier

From the latin assula:




Splinter, shaving, chip, shiver

A studio justifies wacky art experiments, the bleeps and boops, the lines, and the oodles of gaff tape. It's a vehicle for processing a designer's work; it serves to organize a caotic mismash of disciplines. I don't know what my studio should look like yet (ever?) so it keeps shaping. Fitting spaces, needs, desires, feelings. Sometimes with others, sometimes all alone. This past year I called a few studios home:

  • 407-Eleven
  • The greenhouse
  • My home//the New Hampshire studio

A studio can be anything anywhere as long as it helps an artist do their work. A closet, a warehouse, and anywhere in between serve that purpose. So go out and call something a studio!

my college loft for two semesters A messy desk mid-project

Another loft representation This past year, the loft served as an entertaining space as well as a studio

outside of the loft Sometimes, there was turf grass!

the greenhouse I also did work in the greenhouse, a collaborative studio

The greenhouse at night This is the greenhouse at night

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