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Resolutions and Reflections in the New Year

drawing from the leuchtturm1917 notebook doodle in the leuchtturm1917 notebook

# planner setup

In 2021, I'm using two planners at once, as I did last year. I use the first of the two for project work, design sketches, and bullet journal-esque task tracking. I'm using the leuchtturm1917 A5 dotted notebook for this, which hits all the right points between size, paper quality, features, and availability in my region. I usually fill one or two of these a semester. I read a blog post by Austin Kleon in which he weights the difference between the old and the new, and I'm seriously tempted to try it out this year.

old and new hobonichi journals side by side the old hobonichi on the right versus the new on the left

The second is the venerable Hobonichi Techo in the A6 size. Compact and cleanly divided into 365 days, this planner makes for a great journal and long-term planning system. I use a single one for the entire year.

I won't enumerate all of this planner's features here, but it's safe to say it's jam packed. Susan Pigott over at the penaddict (opens new window) blog gives a detailed overview of the options and hidden bits.

# resolutions

old and new hobonichi journals side by side tools well packaged and ready to go

  • Draw a little every day, even if it's a sketch or preliminary (so far so good!)

  • Explore forms of my practice beyond lines and two dimensional works. (What does a piece in three dimensions look like in the context of my practice?)

  • Get outside more, exercise, drink water.

  • wash my glasses more often, it's worth it

  • unspecify my platforms, use my website more.

# Music

In the past year, these were some of my favorite albums

top list of my music of the year my top albums of the year

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