Dieter Brehm

Abstractions in Line Art

Inked Sketch of flowing lines

While I've been jumping around between studies in engineering, arts, and humanities, a constant element has been my involvement in traditional craft, particularly pen and ink. While it is a lovely art form, these small drawings are a meditation and a way to think through ideas visually.

Inked Sketch of abstract river tributary

This is a collection of sketches which, in a loose framing, constitute a series of abstractions and pattern. Each was made with the Rotring Isograph 0.3mm technical pen, by hand.

Abstract inked sketch of an axe

When watching me sketch these out, a typical question is, "what's this drawing of?" My typical answer for this question is, "whatever seems pleasing".

When working abstractly like this, I'm acting less with intent or a specific message and concerning myself more with the feeling of preparing the lines, how they assemble to form a balanced image, and how odd and intriguing the result is.

abstract inked sketch of lines and waving patterns

The Rotring Isograph, by all accounts, is not a pleasant pen to use for writing. It's scratchy, messy, and would like nothing less than to put a splotch of ink on your pristine paper.

Congrats spelled out in a inked sketch on paper

But it's the best at its job! It lays down a perfectly consistent line, works with the deepest black ink in existence without clogging, and is produced in eye wateringly small dimensions.

abstract inked sketch of tiled squares and triangles

I draw every single day, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. It serves as a bookend to busy bustling days and informs how I use patterns in my other designs.

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