Dieter Brehm

Abstractions in line art

This is a collection of sketches which, in a loose framing, constitute a series of abstractions and pattern. Each was made with the Rotring Isograph 0.3mm technical pen, entirely by hand.

While I've been jumping around between studies in engineering, arts, and humanities, a constant element has been my involvement in traditional craft, particularly pen and ink. While it is a lovely art form, these small drawings are also a meditation and a way to think through ideas visually.

Inked Sketch of flowing lines
Inked Sketch of abstract river tributary
Abstract inked sketch of an axe
abstract inked sketch of lines and waving patterns
Congrats spelled out in a inked sketch on paper
abstract inked sketch of tiled squares and triangles

I draw every single day, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. Often, it serves as a bookend to busy bustling days in school or work.

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