Dieter Brehm

Apple Cider Pressing

coolEvent.txt from Dieter Brehm on Vimeo.

I cut, arranged, and shot a short advertisement for a design experiment centered around an apple cider press in a very small, cramped closet. Built with lots of help from the greenhouse Olin design team : )

Along with a short and sweet description, we sent this video through multiple channels at MIT, including Slack orgs, so-called "Dorm spam" emails (dorm-centered mailing lists), and through FB messenger chats. Resulted in an immensely successful event drawing over a hundred MIT students and passersby through our temporary setup in MIT's infinite corridor.

stickynote filled map of mit of where students feel at home where do MIT students feel most at home?

Part of an on-going educational experiment between the Green House 🌱@ Olin and the Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) @ MIT.

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