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LetsShedIt is a web-based scheduling system built to optimize meeting times around several people's schedules.

The project was centered around a central confusion present in students collaborating together:

"Consider a situation where a student is working on a team project and needs to coordinate with their classmates. The group members have their calendars set up using a service like Google or Outlook, but have been texting back and forth to share their free times. It’s hectic, and messages are getting lost or glanced over constantly."

To solve this challenge, we iterated on prior arts in this problem space (e.g. when2meet) by devising a simpler interface, automating the process with Outlook and Google API integration, and by setting up a modular interface that would be as familiar on desktop computers as on smaller screens.

I developed it in a cohort of 4 students taking Olin College's software design course. I designed and developed the front end elements of the system, including form actions, routing, api-access, and calendar systems.

Our tooling from the spectrum of design to implementation went from paper sketches, to Figma as a prototyping tool, to web programming in Javascript. We used VueJS to build up the reactive components on the front end, allowing for a quick and iterative development process for everyone in the team.

For additional exploration, take a look at the documentation: (opens new window).

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