Dieter Brehm

Monte Carlo Tree Searching

When creating our final project in a Discrete mathematics course, namely, studying game-theory algorithms, my team of 3 decided to present our studies and findings visually in a website. I designed the site taking inspiration from Edward Tufte and technical white papers while incorporating whimsy and the inherent "fun" of discrete math.

Automating Connect Four Website (opens new window)

The page was developed with static site generation, vue.js, designed in Figma, and illustrated with traditional Pen and Ink techniques and Adobe Illustrator.

The resulting page is a balance of a high contrast reading-optimized experience paired with concise but conversational language to convey our work on an game-playing algorithm that plays connect four.

Take a peek at the website (opens new window) itself, which plays connect four with the viewer interactively and explains how the various algorithms we developed work.

Selected Graphics that I illustrated: Monte Carlo connect four site logo represented by intersecting connect four columns

Connect four win and loss scenarios Connect four gamete represented as connected board squares
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