Dieter Brehm

Planter Prints

Two blue prints Two of the prints in blue spray paint after drying

For this project, I designed a multi-part print of a hanging plant. It started as a traditionally made line drawing made with a rotring isograph on bristol. From there, I used a high resolution scanner to get a file with enough density that I could process it. I dithered the image, creating an output svg file composed of a series of circles that correspond to the drawn lines in the original sketch. Then, I lasercut a stencil out of thick paper and spray painted a run of posters.

A medium power cut of the stencil result of a medium-power laser cut of the stencil

One close up of a prints a close up of a print made using spray paint and my stencil

One close up of the used stencils two stencils stuck together after making 35 prints

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