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Strawstairies presentation website, with animated robot assembly (opens new window)

Over the course of a semester, my 3 friends and I designed, built, and documented a stairclimbing robot. It features specialized feet, a high torque drivetrain, and fully wireless robotic control.

our robot climbs stairs!

We used a plethora of rapid design methods, including a full CAD model, manual vertical milling, laser-cutting, 3D printing, and microcontrollers flashing.

MDF lasercut chassis

After the build, we documented it in a series of graphics, cumulating in a website. Sam Daitzman and I prototyped all of these assets in Figma, before hand coding the HTML and CSS of the website.


We had started with a poster, but it didn't quite work. A bold, colorful website felt like a better fit for our cute little robot.


Caroline working on assembling the gimbal mechanism so that we could balance cartons of strawberries as we flung up stairs at rapid speed.


Our robot was built to be easy to assemble, with the majority of construction being done in two separate halves

side assembly of the robot

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