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    Seattle based illustrator

    I've run a rug gallery, drawn Vermont landscapes, created accessible iPhone apps, interned at the School for Poetic Computation, made Yahoo accessible, biked around Cambridge, and am currently spending my days in Seattle as an artist and engineer.

    Interested in collaborating? Email me at:

    ~ inkering@gmail ~


    I also run a brief and infrequent newsletter run on the Buttondown platform. I write about what I'm up to whether it's chatting to people, designing, or drawing. I always include plenty of pictures.

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    My Studio

    I draw in a small studio space in Seattle. Here is a selection of the tools I use to do it!

    Drawing Tools

    a painted fountain pen

    TWSBI 580

    I love these simple fountain pens for their nice smooth nibs, large ink capacity, and transparent bodies - you can remember what ink you put in them!

    a painted mechanical pencil

    Graph 100 for Pro

    A bit of an underrated pencil, it's perfectly weighted, with no unneeded functions and all the durability of a "pro" pencil. Great in all lead sizes.

    a painted eraser
    a painted binder clip

    Sakura Foam Eraser and a Clip

    A great eraser that doesn't leave lots of shavings. Other erasers tend to leak plasticizer, but this one doesn't. I always have a binder clip nearby too, for keeping papers flat and notebooks open.

    Painting Tools

    a painted brush

    Raphael Soft Aqua Brushes

    Simple brushes that are durable and hold their shape and spring.

    a kitchen towel covered in paint
    a painting of a clay water cup with two wells

    The Cloth and Water Tank

    Every watercolourist needs a kitchen cloth for adjusting how much water is on their brush. Similarly, it's important to have something to hold water. I like these clay one that has two wells for clean and dirty water. It's actually the type used by Studio Ghibli background artists.


    This site is (currently!) hosted on Netlify, built on the Gatsby framework. The text is Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic. The newsletter uses Buttondown, and I use InPrnt and Big Cartel as online shops for prints and merchandise.

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